Craig Hickson and Mike Petersen: The New Zealand Red Meat Industry

July 6, 2016

Craig Hickson is the founder and owner of Progressive Meats Limited. In this 2013 podcast he talks with Mike Petersen, then chair of Beef + Lamb New Zealand and now New Zealand Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, about his experiences in the industry and what he sees as the inherent industry characteristics we all need to be aware of.


Mike Barton: Farming with limits - the Lake Taupo experience

June 20, 2016
Mike and Sharon Barton farm beside Lake Taupo, and have had to adapt to tight controls on nitrogen leaching. In this podcast from April 2013, Mike talks with B+LNZ Environment Extension Manager Erica van Reenen about their experiences, how they have adapted to the situation, and the possibilities certified good stewardship can open up for primary production.


Jim Gibbs: Making the most of fodder beet

June 9, 2016

Fodder beet has been described as a ‘game changer’ for beef farming. It is widely used for dairy cattle wintering, and there is growing interest in using it for sheep. Dr Jim Gibbs, of Lincoln University, has been at the forefront of fodder beet research and uptake over the past decade. On this Red Meat Profit Partnership conference call, he discusses how to maximise animal productivity with fodder beet and the guidelines for feeding it to stock.


Bob Thomson: Beef farming - the secrets to success

May 31, 2016

Bob Thomson is an agricultural consultant with AgFirst, based in Hamilton. Bob knows beef farming inside and out - and on this call he talks about the secrets to success, the opportunities for both beef cows and high-performance beef finishing, and answers questions.


Trevor Cook: Top tips for farmers

May 20, 2016

Trevor Cook is a well-known veterinarian and farm advisor. Here he presents 'top tips' for farmers to focus on, and answers callers’ questions on animal health and feeding. He also talks about his observations from a recent visit to the UK.


Lynley Wyeth: Saving and rearing new-born lambs

May 5, 2016

Lynley Wyeth, a farmer from near Masterton, and John Smart, a well-known vet from Balclutha, discuss care of new-born lambs, treating those that are unwell or hypothermic, and rearing orphan or surplus lambs. Lynley rears several hundred lambs each year from new-born to weaning, while John has led work to find ways to save lambs and keep them healthy. Recorded at Scene + Herd, August 2013.


San Jolly: Feed quality

April 18, 2016

San Jolly, a well-known farm consultant from Australia, talks about feed quality. Recorded at the 4 November 2015 Red Meat Profit Partnership Farm Management Conference Call. 


Dave Leathwick: Animal health, internal parasites

April 4, 2016

Dave Leathwick from AgResearch talks about animal health - and in particular, internal parasites and drenching. Recorded at the November 2015 Red Meat Profit Partnership Farm Management Conference Call.